The blockchain economy is here. Now is the time to get involved with the revolution that is becoming an integral part of daily life.

We provide cutting-edge solutions for Web3, NFT, and blockchain projects

The Blockchain Funding team provides best-in-class turn-key and flexible technical, educational and marketing solutions to fit your needs and goals.

Software Development

Metaverse and NFTs
Join the Metaverse wave and create virtual worlds, custom avatars, your own branded objects and your own experiences.

In the Metaverse you will be able to buy and sell your creations (NFTs) to the entire world. The Metaverse will feature a range of entertainment and gaming experiences and commerce.
Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts provide the foundations the next generation of decentralized applications. Creating and utilizing Smart Contracts is vastly different from a traditional application development process and requires specific skills in programming languages like Solidity.

We can Architect multi-contract solutions for any use case, whether it's tokenomics, NFT mutation, or web3 retrofitting.
Tokenomics is the study of how cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICOs and cryptoeconomics are designed.

Our team will explain the different components of tokenomics and how each component affects the token price, supply, demand and market cap.

The service is designed for developers, entrepreneurs and investors that are interested in developing the fundamentals of tokenomics within your project.
Community Building
When you're working on a community-driven product, you need a community that's excited, engaged, and motivated to make something happen. You need an active community.

Let our experts build and help grow a community on your Discord, Twitter and other Social Media spaces. We will guide you on the essentials for onboarding and engaging community members.
Marketing Materials
Having the right marketing assets is crucial to promote your business effectively!

We have a team of designers, copywriters and developers who can create the perfect marketing materials for your business.
Influencer Outreach
When launching your product or service it's important to connect with targeted influencers on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more!

We’ll find and curate the perfect influencers for your brand, so you don’t have to! Whether you’re looking to build relationships, get feedback, share your products or grow your brand’s audience,

Business Development

It starts with a deep dive to understand where you are at, and where you want to go. From here we create the right plan, align you with the best technology partners, and implement operational processes to drive sustainable growth.

​Strategic planning is intentional. Carefully architected and orchestrated across dozens of touchpoints, databases, and technologies, we help you design, build and operate a world class company. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a plan in place, we will meet you where you are.
Customer Experience
Don't wish for happy customers, make them. Our world class end-to-end Customer Experience as a service platform combines strategy, analytics, and technology. Everything you need to reimagine your CX, reduce your overhead and make your customers smile. Learn how our turnkey approach includes all the tools, and technology you need to improve the customer experience today and into the future:

- CX Strategy
- CX Technology
- CX Training
Building a solid foundation is one of the key elements to the success of a business. Utilizing a holistic approach to intelligent operations results in data driven decision making, streamlined efficiencies, reduced costs and increased profits. We have the knowledge and tools to guide you no matter what stage your company is in.

- Defining Scope
- Strategic Planning
- Infrastructure Setup
- Process Creation
- Data Analytics
- Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Sales and Training
To be competitive in today’s market, a successful network marketing company needs to elevate their messaging, be creative in the way they engage and provide digital training tools that are intuitive and contain relevant information.​

We teams utilize the most advanced marketing, sales, and automation technologies to help you maximize your reach, analyze data-driven metrics, mobilize the field, gain customers, improve customer loyalty, reduce churn, and increase distributor and customer lifetime value.

- Advanced Analytics 
- Contact Management
-Customer Acquisition
- Customer Retention and Loyalty
- Field Development and Training
We have put together the tools and partnership that will provide you with best-in-class Web3 education to get ahead of the curve whether you are an industry expert or novice.
Back Office Technologies
Collaborating with our network of world-class technology partners, we deliver innovative digital tools that help you and your field compete and thrive in today’s business environment. Our solutions encompass merchant processing, marketing, communications, commissions engine, back office, and logistics. 

​Our state-of-the-art tools change how business is done by helping increase efficiency, increase productivity, provide better reporting and data analytics, boost field and customer engagement by providing better communication tools and increase bottom line profits.

- Back Office
- Commission Engine
- Communications
- Compliance 
- Customer Care
- Field Training
- Logistics
- Merchant Accounts

We can assist with cutting-edge technologies, including financing, architectural design, planning, and deployment using our network of professionals and accredited investors..

Blockchain Funding offers secure access to accredited investors for your cutting-edge ideas and projects

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Our platform

Our Network Deployed over $100M in the past 12 months
The platform reaches 5K+ active and accredited investors
Our partners have over $200M under management

These are some of the industry leaders we have partnered or invested in

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Joshua Denne
Joshua Denne
Joshua has over twenty years of experience in the promotion of new products and technologies in domestic and international markets and is sought after for his strategic advisory services to companies and groups focused on growing their networks.

Joshua’s mission is to bring as much value to the people around him as possible! His tremendous work ethic, faith and love for people have created fortunes for himself, his family, and those who work with him. He is passionate about helping others become successful and has been both homeless and a millionaire. As an entrepreneur, Joshua knows what it's like to lose it all and build it back again. Joshua’s professional journey began as a high school drop out with absolutely no direction or prospects in sight. Financial success was not an overnight journey, it took patience, a willingness to learn, a drive to succeed and years of personal development and persistent effort, to achieve a lifestyle that most people only dream of.

As a believer in continual self-improvement, Joshua has honed his skills over the years to emerge as a leader organizations across multiple industries seek out for guidance in the building of internal sales systems, team development and revenue growth. These industries include but are not limited to aviation, chemical and pharmaceutical, cryptocurrency, financial, insurance, network marketing, technology, and politics.

Today Joshua sits on the board of several companies, is a strategic advisor, and is an active investor in multiple industries and global organizations with a mission to make a positive impact on the organizations and individuals he works with.


David R. Hartung, Jr
David R. Hartung, Jr
Chief Experience Officer
David is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and a dynamic, motivation leader with over 40 years of experience leading large, multi-channel sales organizations, with an emphasis on the Customer Experience in all functional areas of the business.  

Known for being a master at service recovery, David worked with IBM and led other companies such as Origami Owl, Seacret Direct, and Plexus Worldwide in shaping their Customer Service Teams into true Customer ‘Care’ Teams, enabling them to provide a World Class Customer Experience across all areas of the business that touch the Customer.
Michal Avniel
Michal Avniel
Chief Operating Officer
Michal has over 30 years’ experience in domestic and international startup and turnaround operations. She has strong cross-industry and cross-functional experience in the direct selling, consulting, financial and software sectors. Known for her ability to quickly transition into new markets.

Michal has been a key player in the setup of the sub-custody and options market in Israel. She has also performed situational analyses and provided strategic and tactical guidance to educational institutions, as well as companies in the medical device, software development, and consumer goods spaces. Michal has spent the last 13 years as an executive in several global direct selling companies including Seacret Direct, Origami Owl, AdvoCare, and Revital U where she implemented processes to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate risk, oversaw operations, compliance, regulatory, and international expansion efforts.

Michal holds an MBA in international business and a Master’s in Finance and Accounting Management. She has held positions on the International Business Circle Board of Directors, the I.T.T. Technical Collage Business Advisory Board, and was a mentor for Project Artemis, a program designed to assist entrepreneurial Afghan women develop and build businesses.
Dirk Dean Dodson II
Dirk Dean Dodson II
Chief Technology Officer
Dirk started his career of over 24 years in information technology as a student in High School where he led his peers at a Cisco Systems funded program to update John F Kennedy High in Granada Hills, CA. He went on to become a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer at 18.

Since he founded and launched various projects including a national Data Capture, Brand Awareness SaaS and Equipment service for all sectors of hospitality and in-person events.

Board of Advisors

Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy
Kennedy has built a career out of turning big ideas into successful companies. Over the past 30 years, Kennedy has been the entrepreneurial vision and driving-force behind many innovative companies. He has raised roughly $350 million dollars in combined funding while creating billions of dollars of market value.
Brian Shusher
Brian Shusher
Brian Shuster is one of the pioneers of the internet, and has developed and holds the patents to many core internet technologies and business methods. He is considered one of the trail-blazers in internet content provision, and has been discussed and featured in many industry and general news outlets, including:, Business 2.0, Yahoo, Wired News, and many others.
Steele Price
Steele Price
Steele Price's technical depth is strong in Applied Conceptual Spaces, Concept Directed Evolution, Complex Adaptive Systems, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Reactive Systems, User Experience(UX), Mobility, Data Structures, the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes.

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